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二、艾薇儿婚礼上的歌曲 艾薇儿适合婚礼的歌


  1. 艾薇儿的介绍
  2. 艾薇儿婚礼上的歌曲 艾薇儿适合婚礼的歌
  3. 谁知道艾薇儿婚礼上的歌那个完整的叫什么名字


Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in Napanee, Ontario, to parents Judy and John on September 27th, 1984. She was the middle child. She has a brother names Matthew who's 19 years old and a younger sister Michelle, 14. But she was always the feisty one and spent most of her school years getting into trubble. Even as a teen at Napanee District High School, despite being one of the smallest in her class(5''1'), she was always getting into scrapes."I got into lots of fights," she admits."If someone was picking on one of my friends, I'd go bithc them out. I wasn't a fighter, but I don't take any crap. Avril's strong character meant shewasn't always popular with her classmates."The funny thing is," she smiles"people used to be intimidated by me. I don't know why. It's weird- the group you hang out with and the clothes you wear can scare people. My teachers hated me because I never did my work and never paid attention in class." But itwasn't just Avril's teachers who were angry with her, trouble at school made her parents mad, which meant she was always grounded."I was rebellious towards my parents, but we're cool now," Avril reveals."I was always in trouble. I was never allowed to do anything after school so I'd go to my room and write." And that's where Avril's musicwas born, being grounded gave her the time(and inspiration) to write her first album, Let Go.

Avril had been into music since the age of 2, performing in localmusicals, village fairs and, thanks to devout Christian family, at church. Until theage of 12 she'd just been a singer, but she decided she wanted more. So she taught herself to play guitar, andfound a new way of making her parents proud, too."I taught myself on my dad's guitar," she says."I started writing lines here and there and they grew into songs. I did it on my own, but my parents supported me," she smiles.

It wasn't long before Avril had her first taste of fame. At the age of 14, singing contest in Canada's capital, Ottawa. She won and appeared on stage as part of her prize(alongside Shania Twain in front of 10.000 people.) It was then that she knew that she could do it, she knew she had something special, so she started to chase her dream. Determinded to be a star, Avril sent a home video of herself singing karaoke to Peter Zizzo, an American songwriter/producer. He was so impressed he invited the ambitious 16 year old on a songwriting trip to New York. Everyone loved her and she was immediately signed to Arista Records, kome of Pink and Usher. Avril's dream was coming true, so she dropped out of school and moved to New York to work on her debut album. But living the dream was scarier than tough- kid Avril had thought."The city is nuts. It was crazy learning subway on my way to the studio every day," she says,"But I was glad to be doing something productive." After a year working hard Avril had finished her first album, Let Go."My lyrics are honest and I write about whatever happens to me," she says."my song Losing Grip means a lot to me, it's about my ex-boyfriend. We weren't meeting on a emotional level and he wasn't giving me what I needed. I can still play the same songs and get mad and get my anger out. It's therapeutic and I hope I can help others in a similar situation." But it wasn't all plain- rocking. Avril'sfeisty self-belief caused problems, too."I worked with a ton of people, and fought with most of them," she explains."I'd go on writing trips, meets lots of musicians and write one song and be like,'Screw this. I'm not working with that person.' Sometimes, just because of my age, they didn't want to hear what I had to say. I probably just gave them attitude if they weren't listening. I'm a little fighter and I stand up for what I believe."

Avril also ran into trouble because she refused to be manufactured by the record company. As she'd said all along, she just wanted to be herself. So she refused to do what she told to say, or even wear."I'm not a****ing product, I'm a human. There are times when I go to photoshoots and there are racks of clothes and I'mlike'No I'm not wearing any of that," Avril says."People try to get me to wear high-heeled shoes and cute little shirts and I'm like'No! It's tempting, girls like to look pretty, but I'm not like that. It's really important that, when I'm on camera I dress and act the way I normally would. I just want to be myself. I don't want to act like someone I'm not.I want the world to know who I really am. I'm sick of people being fake, and two-faced."

The great thing is, despite her success, fame hasn't changed Avril at all."I just think that the way people treat me sometimes is just, like, weird"."It's like they think I'm made up of plastic or something. I was walking down the hall one time, and this guy was yelling'Move out ofmy way',at everyoneso I could walk through. I was like,****ing shut up! I don't deserve to be treated any more special than other people." So, forget Jenny from the block, this is one down-to-earth girl who'll still be keeping it real when she's on her 10th album. And Avril's determinded to stick around for a long time."I want a very long career.I'm only 18 so I'm growing and becoming who I am, and I change all the time. But I want to be around for a while yet and make tons of different albums."

艾薇拉莫娜拉维涅出生在Napanee,安大略,家长朱迪和约翰对1984年9月27日。她是中东儿童。她有一个弟弟的名字马修谁是19岁和一个妹妹米歇尔, 14。但她始终是一个活跃的大部分时间都在她的学校里进入trubble。即使是一个十几岁的孩子在Napanee区高中,尽管其中一个最小的在她的课堂( 5''1'),她总是进入擦伤。“我到很多打斗,”她承认。“如果有人拣取的我的一个朋友,我会去bithc出来。我不是一个斗士,但我不采取任何废话。艾薇强烈性质意味着shewasn't一直深受同学日。”有趣的是,“她微笑着”以人用于所吓倒我。我不知道为什么。这是奇怪的-你航集团与和你穿的衣服可以吓唬人。我的老师恨我,因为我从来没有和我的工作从来没有注意在课堂上。“但itwasn't公正艾薇的老师谁是她的愤怒,麻烦了她在学校的父母疯了,这意味着她总是停飞。”我很叛逆对我的父母,但我们冷静现在,“艾薇揭示。”我总是遇到麻烦。我从来没有做任何事情让放学后,所以我会去看我的房间和写字。“而且,艾薇儿的musicwas诞生,给了她被停飞的时间(和灵感)写她的第一张专辑,放手。

艾薇儿已经进入音乐自2岁,表演的localmusicals,乡村集市,由于虔诚的基督徒家庭,在教堂。直到theage 12只希望她是一个歌手,但她决定,她希望更多。于是,她发挥自己教吉他, andfound一种新的方式,使她的父母感到自豪,也。“我告诉自己我的父亲的吉他,”她说。“我开始写作系在这里和那里,他们成长为歌曲。我做到了我自己,但我的父母支持我,”她笑着说。

不久以后,艾薇儿,她首次尝试了名声。在14岁,歌唱大赛,在加拿大首都渥太华。她的胜利,并在舞台上出现的一部分,她的奖金(仙妮亚唐恩并肩前的10.000人。)正是在这时,她知道,她能做到这一点,她知道她有什么特别,所以她开始追逐自己的梦想。测定是一个明星,艾薇儿发出了一个家庭视频自己唱卡拉OK,以彼得Zizzo,美国作曲家/制作人。他留下了深刻的印象,他邀请了雄心勃勃的16岁的创作前往纽约。每个人都喜欢她,她立即签署阿里斯塔记录,科梅的粉红色和亚瑟。艾薇儿的梦想,是未来真正的,所以她辍学和移居纽约的工作对她的首张专辑。但是,生活的梦想是可怕比强硬的孩子艾薇以为。“这座城市是坚果。有人疯狂学习地铁站的路上到演播室每天,”她说,“但我高兴的是做一些有益的。”经过一年努力艾薇完成了她的第一张专辑,放手。“我的歌词是诚实的,我写的无论发生什么情况,我,”她说。“我的歌失去了抓地力意味着很多对我来说,这是我的前男友。我们并没有情感上的水平和他没有给我什么我需要。我仍然可以发挥同样的歌曲,并获得恼我愤怒了。它的治疗,我希望我能帮助其他有类似情况。“但是,并非所有的纯摇摆。 Avril'sfeisty自信造成的问题,也。“我与一吨的人民,和战斗与他们当中的绝大多数,”她解释说。“我希望去书面旅游,满足许多音乐家和写一首歌曲,并想,'螺杆这一点。我没有与该人。有时候,只是因为我的年龄,他们不想听听我的话。我也许只是给了他们的态度,如果他们不听。我是一个小战士,我站起来为我所相信。“



二、艾薇儿婚礼上的歌曲 艾薇儿适合婚礼的歌


艾薇儿婚礼上播放的音乐叫做《Could This Be love》,是Victoria Acosta演唱的。这首歌无论是歌词还是曲调,都透露着浓浓的爱意。曲子听上去十分舒缓,很适合用作婚礼开场,营造浪漫唯美的氛围。







1、艾薇儿婚礼上的歌叫做Could This Be love。这是由victoria acosta演唱的一首歌曲。

2、选自专辑《Once Upon a Time》。调根据 George benson的You are the love of my life改编。

3、Victoria Acosta(维多利亚·阿科斯塔),生于1992年,是一位来自德克萨斯州的圣安东尼奥的流行歌手最出名的单曲是她在2005年推出的专辑《Once Upon A Time》中的《The World's Gone Crazy》。

4、Acosta六岁进入玛利亚其音乐家学院学习,在她八岁的时候获得玛利亚其最佳音乐家奖,并在2000年获得全美最具思想活力林肯奖。随后她随格莱美拉丁奖得主Manuel Vargas学习声乐,同时与私人唱盘实验室合作。

5、在2004年,她开始录制自己的首张专辑《Once Upon A Time》其中的一首《The World's Gone Crazy》在迪士尼电台引起巨大的反响。

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